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Weblogger Waste of Time Rant

Researching WTF?? is going on with Blog software? It's mostly crap for Linux or with libre/openoffice.

The best document uploader is - and it chokes me to say this - MSword (2007 at least)!

I even DL'd oOo for Win7 to see if it was the Linux implementation with problems only, but no - the Sun Weblog Extension for oOo doesn't work either...




Yet look at the web page for it boasting it's Word equivalent functions:


• Author Web logs within the familiar
editing environment of StarOffice.
• Use formatting tools for lists, tables,
images and hyperlinks.
• Write your articles even if you are
currently not connected to the
Supported Blog Platforms
• WordPress
• Roller
• ATOM protocol
• MetaWeblog protocol
Required Software
• StarOffice 8 Update 4 or
StarSuite 8 Update 4 or 2.0.4 (or higher)
• Java Runtime Environment 1.4
(or higher)
Platform Availability
• Runs on Solaris (SPARC and x86),
Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows

The implementation of xmlrpc has been around for ages - 1998 or so - Dave Winer has done loads of work on various aspects over the years - why is something relatively simple (well, a none programmer would think) - upload a document, formatted correctly, to a Blog, be so difficult to do - is it the way XML has to encapsulate html or text or pics or what?

Libre in Mint half works - acc. connection and can DL old Posts in WP but not upload, the icons appear on the menu but only one works. What is the problem here - Java version, libraries? Or am I the only one with an issue? Seems not:

"... If you aren’t going to be as good as or better and often times much worse. . . why bother?"

Quite! Just remove the bloody thing from the web completely and do everyone a favour. Dicks. And they wanted to charge $10 for it originally?

Who was in charge of that Project?


What Blog Clients you can to try - these don't embed an image in a WP Post properly either! What can MSWord do that other's can't?

For Linux



Gnome Blog


WordPress Comments notifier - open source




and what format for the Accs etc: Endpoint

The XML-RPC server/path is:

If your WordPress root is, then you have:

Server: (some tools need just the '' hostname part)

Path: /wordpress/xmlrpc.php

complete URL (just in case):


does this work in Mint? It is not really different from using the WordPress interface. I want an DOCUMENT UPLOADER...


can drag pics in:


CAN linpaste text:

The unbelievably convoluted Bollocks of Blog Uploaders...

CAN add links and use Bold, italics, but not ULine.

SO FAR SO GOOD for gnome-blog


others that didn't work in Mint:

drivel – in Apt

no uploading, but Dloadable Posts visible for DL


not in Apt


Installed from DL, but failed to load


not in Apt - requires build



in Apt

Now I give up - if ya want to write tidy Blogs with nice pics with all the bells and whistles of a word processor - MS Word works...
2 days later - I finally checked Scribefire on my Mint PC, and it does upload visible pics and has a good an interface as the WPress one, but runs from your browser, has drag/drop or browse for pics function, but most importantly - WYSIWYG, with posted blog looks like how you typed it! Finally - but still crap compared to Word!

19/3/16 - 1 year later, I found an almost acceptable Plugin for WP called Docxpresso - tends to add lots of line spaces unless you edit your doc in web view first to remove them:


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